How Often Should You Be Deep Cleaning Your House?

How Often Should You Be Deep Cleaning Your House?

The wellbeing of your family greatly depends on many factors. While routine maintenance cleaning services are essential, thorough cleaning is necessary for keeping your house clean, orderly, and free of allergies and hidden dirt. Daily or weekly maintenance cleaning services are necessary to keep your living space looking tidy and clean. Deep home cleaning is equally crucial to eliminate filth, dust, and allergies that may accumulate over time. So, how often should you deep clean your house? 

Monthly Deep Cleaning

A monthly deep cleaning routine is ideal for most homes. This allows you to thoroughly clean areas not typically cleaned during your regular maintenance cleaning. For example, you can focus on cleaning behind large furniture, washing windows, deep-cleaning carpets, and dusting high shelves or ceiling fans. 

Besides sanitizing kitchen and bathroom fixtures, a monthly deep clean can also include cleaning appliances like ovens, refrigerators, and dishwashers. This frequency ensures your home remains fresh, clean, and free from hidden dirt and dust.

Seasonal Deep Cleaning

This involves more intensive cleaning tasks best done every three to four months. This includes washing walls, cleaning baseboards, and shampooing carpets or rugs. Seasonal deep cleaning is also an opportune time to declutter and organize your home, including closets, cabinets, and storage areas. 

You can also clean and rotate home objects like drapes, mattresses, and upholstery. A seasonal deep cleaning helps you tackle areas that may accumulate dirt and grime over time. This will ensure your home remains spotless and well-maintained throughout the year.

Special Occasion Deep Cleaning

Special occasions such as holidays, parties, or events may warrant an extra round of deep cleaning. You want your property to look its best when expecting guests or hosting an event. Special occasion deep cleaning may involve polishing silverware, deep-cleaning carpets, and thoroughly cleaning guest rooms or areas you plan to use for entertaining. This type of cleaning aims to give your home a fresh and inviting appearance for your special occasion.

As Needed Deep Cleaning

Apart from the regular monthly, seasonal, and special occasion deep cleaning, there may be other times when you need to deep-clean your house as needed. For example, if you have an animal companion, you may need to clean up pet hair and dander more frequently, especially during shedding seasons. If a family member has respiratory issues or allergies, you may need to deep-clean more often to maintain a healthy indoor environment. 

Also, did you recently finish a house makeover, or is a sizable construction project nearby? If so, you should do a deep clean to eliminate accumulated dust and debris. Consider the needs of your home and family, and adjust your deep cleaning routine accordingly.

Time to Hire Professional Cleaners

Are you looking for deluxe cleaning services? Book the best professional cleaners now and let them help you maintain a sparkling, clean, healthy living environment. To keep a house clean and healthy, deep cleaning is necessary. It is essential to do regular maintenance cleaning should daily or weekly. However, it is best to do a deep cleaning once a month, once a season, or whenever necessary.