If you or someone you know lives in a dirty, messy, or chaotic house, some may perceive it as a sign of laziness or a major character flaw. However, there is often more to it than meets the eye. What causes someone to not clean their house? Well, it is mostly the result of a combination of causes rather than a single factor. Let us consider some of the most common causes and when to seek professional help for cleaning services.

Limited Time

In many cases, a messy house is the consequence of a tight schedule and time constraints. Whether this is the result of working long hours, juggling a career and academics, or minding young children or elderly persons, the result is often the same. You may have to prioritize other things that need more urgent attention than a cleaning schedule. At the onset, you may let tasks slip occasionally but before you know it, an entire week or even a month goes by without cleaning. 

Mobility Limitations and Illness

If you have a physical health issue such as a disability or an injury resulting in limited mobility, cleaning the house can be an arduous task. Similarly, when recovering from surgery or dealing with the limitations of old age, such chores are often neglected. Mental illness also causes extreme tiredness or a lack of motivation and energy to handle mundane tasks. Many people in these situations typically hold back from asking for help as they do not want to burden others. 

Overwhelmed by Clutter and Dirt

Regardless of the original cause of a dirty house, the more clutter and dirt accumulate in your living space, the harder it becomes to clean. As a consequence, the very thought of starting the cleaning process may feel overwhelming. In the process, the situation becomes more dire with each passing day. 


Another common reason for not cleaning is the habit of hoarding. A hoarder accumulates things and finds it extremely hard to let go. With too many things in your home, it becomes difficult to move around and there is no space for cleaning. In extreme cases, you may find that there are no visible surfaces since piles and piles of stuff occupy every available inch. 

Problems Associated with Dirty, Messy Homes

As mentioned at the onset, the answer to the question ‘Why can’t I clean my house,’ could be a combination of factors, not just one. Regardless of the underlying cause of the problem, many risks arise from this situation. A dirty home is likely to harbor pests as these get plenty of hiding and breeding grounds as well as bits and pieces of food to feast on. In damp areas like the bathroom, failure to clean may lead to the growth of mold and fungi, posing a health risk. Other potential problems include the risk of food poisoning from contaminated food items and unpleasant, lingering odors that make the house repulsive.

Time to Seek Expert Help

In view of the above problems, it is imperative that you seek help in getting your house cleaned if you are not in a position to handle the task. After a thorough deep cleaning exercise by professional cleaners, you may schedule routine maintenance cleaning to keep your house in the best condition sustainably.