While you likely clean the floors and walls of your home regularly, baseboards may not make the list as often as they should. With time, they accumulate dirt, dust, and grime, becoming unsightly and dingy. Learning different approaches and tricks on how to clean baseboards like a pro can make this unexciting task a lot more bearable and effective. Consider five ways to get the job done: 

  • Warm Soapy Water and a Sponge

If you have never cleaned your baseboards, the best way to start is by doing a thorough cleaning the first time. For this, you need to start by vacuuming the top ledge and then brushing any remaining loose dirt off. Next, dip a washcloth in warm soapy water and swipe the entire length. If there are any stained areas or grime, use a bit of elbow grease to clean them out. Rinse the cloth in hot water and wipe again to remove the soapy residue and then buff the baseboards dry. After the initial clean, schedule regular maintenance cleans to keep it in good condition.

  • Using a Sock and Disposable Toilet Wand

Place a sock over the tip of a disposable toilet wand and spray it with your preferred cleaning solution. Swipe the baseboards clean. 

  • The Dryer Sheets Approach

Also known as fabric softener sheets, dryer sheets are great for cleaning baseboards that are not very dirty. They are effective at lifting pet hair and dust and as a bonus, they also smell good. Furthermore, rubbing your baseboards with these sheets prevents static, which is responsible for attracting dust. Consequently, the surface becomes dust-repellent, temporarily. 

  • Long-Handled Duster and Mop

For your regular maintenance cleans, you may want to use this method if bending is a problem, or just for the convenience. Either use a hand-held duster or the bristle attachment for your vacuum cleaner to brush the dust off. Next, dip a mop in your cleaning solution of choice and wipe the length of the board. 

  • Using Wipes

One of the fastest methods involves using wet wipes to clean the area. Though it is extremely convenient and fast, it is also a lot more wasteful than using reusable cloth. It is therefore ideal for small homes where just a few wipes will get the job done.  

Identifying the Best Way to Clean Baseboards

With all of the above options at your disposal, you may feel spoilt for choice. The secret to choosing the most suitable cleaning method is assessing the material the boards are made of, their finish, and the condition they are in. For stained wood, use a suitable wood cleaner rather than a DIY solution. Painted and vinyl baseboards are a lot more resilient and will comfortably handle warm water and soap. 

When to Call the Cleaning Experts

With the above tips, you have the basics needed to tackle a straightforward baseboard cleaning task. However, there are times when you may need to get professional help. Reaching tight corners and cleaning heavy soil and sticky kitchen boards requires a little more effort, innovation, and time. Call in the house cleaning experts to handle your deep cleaning needs and to address stubborn areas for the best results.